A FAMILY have turned tragedy to triumph by raising more than 500 for an orphanage in Bangladesh in memory of a teenager killed in a tragic road accident. Brian Byrnes from Penryn Avenue, Laffak died after being in collision with a car as he tried to cross the East Lancashire Road at its junction with Green Leach Lane, Carr Mill on October 2 last year, just three days before his 20th birthday. 

But although devastated by Brian’s death, his grieving family have made sure that some good has come out of their sad loss. Since the tragedy Brian’s parents Peter and Paula, and older brother Alan (24) have been dedicated to raising funds for the Bottomley Home Orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Last month Alan traveled out to the orphanage which caters for 140 boys and girls aged between four and 19 – with the 510 raised in Brian’s memory by family and friends plus Peter’s former colleagues at Littlewoods. This was used to buy ceiling fans to help combat humid conditions inside the orphanage, an Extractor fan for the kitchen area, an electricity generator as insurance against the many power cuts experienced in the Third World country, and five months worth of medical supplies. 

Peter told the Star: ”When Brian died we decided to do something in his name. We knew he had been touched by the plight of the people in Bangladesh following the floods in 1998 and decided to raise the money for this orphanage, which was brought to our attention by one of my former colleagues at Littlewoods where I worked for 35 years.” 

 When Alan went over with the 510 – equivalent of 51 months pay for the average man in Bangladesh - he couldn’t get over the poor conditions. In effect he went there a young, single man and came back with responsibility for 140 children. Now we are committed to continuing to raise funds for the orphanage and have set up a special bank account. 

The family would like to thank everyone who contributed to the 510 and also three young girls who have since raised nearly 100 for the orphanage in just three days. The trio, Jessica Bathgate (10) a pupil at Chapel End Primary School; De La Salle pupil, Laura Bednarski (14); and 11 year old Rainford High pupil, Louise Ball have promised to continue to raise funds. 

Anyone requiring further details can contact the Byrnes family on 01744 22896. Donations for the orphanage can be made at the National Westminster Bank, Ormskirk Street, St Helens in the names of Peter and Alan Byrnes for the Bottomley Orphanage, sort code 60 70 08, account number 24304050. For more information about the orphanage and the fundraising have a look on the worldwide web, the address is:


St. Helens Star October 7, 1999