Photographs of some of the children in the Orphanage along with a breif history of each.

These are the replies to cards sent by some of the children at Carr Mill Primary School to the orphanage just prior to Christmas 1999.

Anastacia Kobita Rozario.gif (16652 bytes)  Anima Gomes.gif (16468 bytes)  Anjana Sarder.gif (12851 bytes)  Anthonia Rikkta D'Silva.gif (12136 bytes)


Christina Emelia Parui.gif (12566 bytes)  Clara Lhumur Gomes.gif (13708 bytes)  Dipa Rozario.gif (13138 bytes)  Elizabeth Panna Baroi.gif (12195 bytes)


Elizabeth Shapla Biswas.gif (15016 bytes)  Jeny Corraya.gif (13443 bytes)  Khuslaiti Tripunra.gif (13675 bytes)  Liza Rimi Rebeiru.gif (17191 bytes)


Maria Bishoka Kercuta.gif (16023 bytes)   Maria Latika Hazara.gif (14972 bytes)   Martha Hira Biswas.gif (13050 bytes)   Monica Anita Boiragi.gif (13068 bytes)


Pankhi Salumi Gomes.gif (15185 bytes)   Patricia Ponkhi Baroi.gif (14442 bytes)  Prianka Teresa Baroi.gif (12998 bytes)  Rebeka Moyna Razario.gif (16764 bytes)


Rita Nitu Gomes.gif (14974 bytes)  Shibly Barbara Rozario.gif (14896 bytes)   Shima Beauty Biswas.gif (12297 bytes)   Teresa Nayami Mri.gif (16305 bytes)


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