If you are in any doubt then please contact the Orphanage directly at Bottomley Home Orphanage:

No 3 Tejkunipara
Dhaka - 1215, Bangladesh
Tel - +880 2 9112905

The orphanage now also has internet access provided by Austik, an Australian company and also help to support this orphanage, please visit their site.  Why not e-mail the Orphanage directly, but please remember that they are only learning and English is not their first language, in some cases it is their third.

We are now registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  Our registered number is 1091036.  Our Inland Revenue Charities number is VAB11YG
We are registered as a Trust with 4 Trustees - Alan Byrnes, Peter Byrnes, Paula Byrnes & Stephen Hughes - who by the constitution, are forbidden to make any profit.  Although we are allowed to take expenses we will never take any.  I travel to Bangladesh at no cost to the fund.  Every penny donated to the fund goes goes to the Orphanage.  The kids there really need it far more than we do.

The main advantages of being a registered charity are that we can reclaim UK tax on bank interest payments and on any donations from UK taxpayers providing the donation is in the form of Gift-Aid.  For the tax year ending April 2005 we have received 135.74 from the Inland Revenue.  This is equivalent to more than 1 years sponsorship for a child at the orphanage!!  On behalf of the children of the Bottomley Home orphanage we would like to thank the Chancellor of the Exchequer 

If you would like a copy of our latest newsletter then please e-mail us - at the below address - with your postal address as it is too big to send electronically.


We would like to emphasise the fact the we do not take any administration or travel expenses from the monies collected, 100% goes to improving the lives of the children.  I pay my own airfare to Bangladesh and any other expenses.

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1st Letter received on 25 Sept 99 (page 1 & 2)                                          2nd letter received 27 Nov 99

If you have any questions, comments or queries then please e-mail