What was achieved in September 2002

I made my 4th visit to the Orphanage at the beginning of September. I paid my own fare to Bangladesh staying there with Aminda Atthanayaka and his family. I was there a total of 13 days. During this time I was able to achieve quite a lot, thanks to your kind generosity.

What was bought.

The maintenance contract on the stand-by generator was renewed for a further year at a cost of £68. 160 pairs of sandals or flip-flops were bought at cost of £54.

School supplies

140 pairs of school shoes were bought at a cost £210 from the Bata Shoe Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd, who, by the kind generosity of Mr B R Begh and Mr Z Ahmed, gave the orphanage a 10% discount. 2160 school exercise books, 25 reams of A3 paper, 180 pencils, 200 erasers, 2160 pens and 144 rulers making a total where bought from a local stationary supplier this came to a total of £382.


Van loaded with the supplies bought with your donations


Medical supplies

Taking into account what was left from last year’s buys I was also able to buy enough to make up one year’s worth. I was also negotiated a bulk discount of 10% making a total of £626. This made a grand total of £1340.


I was able to see for myself, what is evident in the photographs, namely that the obvious health of the children has improved enormously since my first visit. This must be due, at least partially, to the basic health care products that we have been able to buy through the kind generosity of all our donors.


Give yourselves a pat on the back