What was Achieved In October 2000

I flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh, via Dubai and Karachi on Sunday the 1st October for my second visit to the Orphanage. I paid for this out of my own pocket. During my 8 days in Dhaka I stayed with friends. 

I spent a lot of time, up-to 7 hours per day, with the children in the Orphanage hoping to show them that somebody from outside the very caring authorities also cares about them. The children's knowledge of English was very good, there where two in particular who acted as my interpreters, as I am beginning to learning Bangla (Bangladeshi Language).

Every day I had my lunch in the Orphanage, again hoping to show both the children and the people that run the orphanage that both me and all those who donated the the fund care a great deal about all of them . I was also able to meet Raybotee Rozario and her husband Shamon. Raybotee is a former resident of the Orphanage who is now happily married and has a young child of her own.

Shamon and Raybotee Rozario

Your donations.

I was able to get fabric to make new school clothes for all the children and have them made at a total cost of 1250. I felt that this was very important as although all the children go to school they do so without the expensive uniforms. This must have made them feel very small and excluded. Also new stainless steel plates and drinking cups (hygienic and very durable) were bought for all the children costing 160. Replacing all the bedding that had worn out and in some cases mattress covers where needed.  Some new mattresses were bought for the infirmary. This accounted for 100. With the advice of a doctor who is with the Lunghi group I was able to purchase 6 months worth of essential medical supplies which alone cost more than 200.

I was also able to get the toys we had sent released from the customs by paying the necessary duties and fees for all 3 cartons. This came to 260.


Shows new plates and drinking cups plus Fabric for uniforms        New uniforms being made


Click here to see photographs taken by Cristian Baitg, a Photojournalist from Cactus Photo of Barcelona, Spain.

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