I made my 7th visit to the Orphanage in December 2010.

The children were delighted to see Alan “dada” (it means older brother in Bengali and is a great honour).

I took £3700 (£200 of my own money). After taking medical advice I spent £1400 on medicines to last the children a year.  


                                                                       Some of the stationary being delivered


I had stationary delivered including more than 4400 exercise books of various types, 300 packs of art paper and much more to the value of £1140. I had the Kid’s dormitories and dining room whitewashed inside and out at a cost of £570.  I bought 100 school bags for £270. I spent £220 with Bata on buying 67 pairs of school shoes – all that they had in the style the Orphanage required. I paid for the ingredients to prepare a special meal for 140 people. This cost £100 and Alan lined up and ate with the kids.

Dining room before redecoration Dining room after redecoration

Because I was there over Christmas each child got a small present from me and a Christmas card.




There was nearly £300 over from my last visit. We received £440 anonymously although we do know the donors names. The Alverna Dental Practice made donations of £110 while my employer, Glassbond, gave £700. GiftAid (part of the Inland Revenue) gave us more than £800. Regular donations via our Bank Account raised more than £450. We got $150 from Mrs S Schmidt. Plus we were given lots of small donations amounting to over £600.