I made my 6th visit to the Orphanage in December 2007. The children were delighted to see Alan “Dada” (it means older brother in Benglai).

How the money was spent

With the money I took out there and some I left there i was able to achieve the following; with advice from the medical staff I spent £253.00 on reputable medicines. I also spent £111.00 on 134 pairs of sandals and £238.00 on school shoes (Bata gave us a 10% discount on the school shoes).



I bought stationery which included 36 dictionaries, 144 school bags, 104 yards of plastic sheet (to back the books), 1200 pencils 144 marker pens, 12 boxes of paints and more than 3100 exercise books. Which came to a grand total of £913.00.


As they are kids I spent £88.00 on taking them to lunch at a fried chicken restaurant. For some of them it was a new experience as they had only ever tasted Bangladeshi food.



I also bought them very fancy cakes combining mangos, chocolate and cream. I also got  them extensive sports goods which included Badminton racquets, tennis balls and a football.


I distributed a Christmas card and a small gift for all the children and staff at the orphanage.

Thank you to everybody who contributed!


Muslim Aid UK

Muslim Aid UK donated bedding to the Orphanage by way of Muslim Aid Bangladesh. The presentation was made by the CEO of Muslim Aid UK, Mr Saif Ahmad.


ESA Japan

Akemi Tsuji, who represents the Japanese Charity ESA has visited the Orphanage on many occasions and the Charity is sponsoring 3 of the former pupils through Nursing College.

These girls will have to work very hard to qualify as all the teaching is in English.


A charity based in Norway is sponsoring 3 former pupils through Nursing College.


Rubina Ali, who is a teaching assistant, persuaded the Head Teacher of Southbury Primary School to donate resources and pupils artwork to the Orphanage. Alan took these with him.


We have been contacted by Mr Michael J. Endrizzi who visited the Orphanage after looking at our web site and tells us he is donating to the Orphanage in the future.