I have made my fifth visit to the Orphanage. I was there from the 22nd December 2005 to 2nd January 2006. Whilst there I supervised the spending of £1500.

How the money was spent

£317 was used to buy Medical supplies and to pay Medical bills outstanding. Medicines are readily available in Bangladesh but beyond the reach of the Orphanage. £643 was spent on school exercise books, pens, pencils, paper, rulers and other school equipment. He was, again, able to negotiate a discount on school shoes from Bata getting 140 pair for £161.

Not to forget that I was dealing with children I was able to get play and sport equipment, including 2 bikes, for £94.


I also took with me cuddly toys that had been donated by Sue Schmidt of Des Moines USA, these along with Christmas Cards were given to the children on Christmas Day.

I took 62 kids who have no family to a Pizza Parlour. It was the first time these children had not had rice or used a knife and fork. This treat cost £134.

I left £151 with Aminda Atthanayake to cover any legitimate expenses that may occur before my next visit.

Gift Aid

We are registered for GiftAid and as a result got £135.74 from the Inland Revenue.


£75 was sent to us as anonymous, we know the donors but must respect their wishes.


Pat & Bernie Maclean gave the Fund £20, Jim Byrnes donated his loose change—£27.Brenda Chadwick donated £21, Alan donated £50.

Regular Donations

We received regular donations by Standing order from the following people;

V. Griffiths, the Simpson children, S Collins and Paula Byrnes. This brought in a total of £350, this an efficient way of donating to the orphanage and if it is from a UK taxpayer we can reclaim GiftAid.

We must give special thanks to Susan Ulla who has raised money for and awareness of the Orphanage. She has sent clothes and pens as well as cash.

We have sited collection boxes at Alverna House Dental Practice and Geezers Barbers yielding £30 for the children

We also have received many small donations from various people

A BIG thank you to all concerned.

The Big Charity Box

We now ask you to help without it costing you any money. If you visit www.bigcharitybox.com . There you can register, with your E-mail address, and you will be reminded every month to vote. You can only vote for a registered Charity by number. Our number is 1091036. At the end of the year we, the Charity, will receive a donation based on the number votes we get. Please vote for us.