I left on the Saturday before Christmas and stayed in Dhaka until 3rd of January. He spent Christmas with the Children. I dressed in a Santa Claus costume to give a present and a card to each child on Christmas Day.

Me as Santa

What was bought.

I spent £1820 on the children while in Dhaka.

School supplies

£700.00 was spent on supplies for use by the children in the school. This included 40 reams of A3 art paper, 4900 exercise books, 324 special exercise books, 2500 ball-point pens, 720 pencils, 576 erasers and 2 reams of A4 paper for the computers.

The school supplies

Medical supplies

In the 16 months since my last visit the Orphanage ran out of medicines and some of the children were ill. A medical bill was run up on credit. This included Doctor’s visits. The cost of a “house-call” at £5 may not seem much to us it is beyond the means of most in Bangladesh. I paid this bill and bought enough medicines to last a year. That came to £930.00


I was, again, able to buy School shoes from Bata. For £190.00 I was able to get 143 pairs.

Exchange rate

Due to the strong Pound the money taken to Dhaka was worth the equivalent of £295.00 more than the same amount would have been last year


A success Story

When I first visited the Orphanage, Baby was just one of the many girls studying hard. On subsequent visits she became the main translator for me. This time I was able to visit her and her husband and new baby. They have a smart house in Clemant’s family’s compound about 40 minutes from Dhaka. She now has the security of a happy marriage and an extended family. The scourge of poverty should be a thing of the past.

Baby, her husband Clemant and their 2 week old daughter Carolina



The United World College of South East Asia is based in Singapore. We have been approached by 3 students at the college who are in their final year of study for their IB (International Baccalaureate). As part of their course they are to visit the Orphanage and become involved with them. We believe this is important as it will give the children role models who can show them what can be achieved with study and ambition.


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